Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Results from New Global Survey on Collaboration: Collaboration 2020

Although collaboration is seen as very hype, it is already a fundamental premise for today’s knowledge intensive businesses, and the importance of collaboration is expected to grow further towards 2020.

This report was built through a combination of an extensive online survey with more than 1,700 experienced workers and a series of strategic interviews with 26 thought leaders across five business sectors (industrial, technology, finance, oil & gas, and life sciences). KC designed the survey, carried out the strategic interviews and completed the survey analysis for survey sponsor Dr. Marie Puybaraud, Director Global WorkPlace Innovation at Johnson Controls.

Succeeding with collaboration at a level where it is a competitive advantage requires a broad approach. Although a majority of respondents expect high use of high-performance project spaces in 2020, the design of these environments and the ability to shift effortlessly between them represent key success factors.

  • View and download the report (interactive viewer; pdf download link to the full report)

  • Explore the survey report summary (pdf)

  • Three key findings:
    1. The function or role of the office and the physical workplace is rapidly becoming one of supporting collaboration.
    2. Both current and projected needs of knowledge workers and workplace infrastructure are far apart.
    3. The use of video communication and real time collaboration tools will increase substantially.
    All questions, reflections or comments to the survey and the survey results are welcome - either through the comment field below, on twitter using hashtag #collaboration2020 or by e-mail to


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